8 Smart Ways to Monetize Your Blog in 2020

Posted by: Ekalavya Hansaj Updated: 22 April 2020

Writing is fun but turning that content into a blog sounds even better. With just the use of the internet, you can publish your content that could potentially target thousands and millions of readers traffic in a short span of time.

In the same way, you can find a billion pieces of content published by different writers on the web catering to different niches.

Different types of people love to share different types of content. While some love to blog about their everyday life, some want to educate the audience and share as much knowledge as they have. But, every piece of content in a blog matters and once you have your own loyal audience and a good amount of traffic, you can scale up your blog in various ways and start monetizing it.

But what’s better than making money by writing on your website or for others? That’s like a cherry on the cake! Monetizing your blog might not be as easy as you think. Millions of people are blogging every day and to monetize your blog, you have to be smart and approach your blogging method in a different way!

Let me show you 8 smart ways that you can follow right now to start monetizing your blog!

  1. Write and Sell eBooks

People love reading ebooks that share real knowledge and use cases. Writing an e-book on a topic that is heavily demanded by the online audience will help you sell more and earn better. The advantage here is that there is no middleman. You earn completely for every ebook sold.

Research the topics, talk to real people and ask them what they are looking to scale up their business. It might take some time to create an ebook but make sure there is no wrong information in it. Find the loopholes and create an ebook with the solutions and strategies that they can use to grow their business in real life. Add real case studies as it will help you scale your ebook.

Structure the content properly in your ebook and make the visuals look easy and appealing. Get an online editor and a designer on board and allow them to give your ebook a classy finish. Upload that on your website and share it with your audience.

Give them a smart snippet with a CTA that would make them want to purchase your ebook. Automate your sales and integrate the payment gateway. Test everything before making it available to the public.

  1. Offer Online Courses

Selling courses is yet another simple way to make money. Share the benefit of your course rather than highlighting the features. You just need to put all your expert knowledge and include real use cases as much as possible.

Online courses work best when you try to solve a real-life business problem for your audience. It could be related to Marketing Strategies, Building up Sales Funnel, Growth in Ecommerce, Economics, Copywriting, etc. Ask your users what problems they are facing. Check out the already available courses on the web. Be creative and distinguish your content from theirs.

Give out some free copies to a selected audience and collect their feedback. You can add their testimonials on the landing page. This will help build trust when people are confused about whether to invest in your course or not. Give them a snippet of what your course looks like. End with a question or a CTA that would want them to buy your course.

Make sure to constantly update your course with new trends and use cases. This helps people to keep track of the current market trend.

  1. Advertisements

Once your blog drives in high traffic, you can start doing advertisements on your blog. The pay-per-click (PPC) amount might depend on how much traffic you bring. Unless you have 100k-500k visitors per month on your website, your income will be barely marginal.

Advertisements can generate some good money and are one of the best methods to monetize your blog. Target the advertisers who are in the same niche and category as yours for better conversions. Once you have high traffic that could bring them potential leads or sales, you can negotiate with the advertisers for better PPC ads.

  1. Do Freelance Blogging Service

Freelance blogging can also help you earn a good amount of money. If you are already a blogger with good traffic on your own blog, you can reach out to your audience to help them grow their traffic and sales using your content.

Everyone can write but not everyone can sell through their content. Thus as a blogger, it will be an advantage to you as making content for others in their niche will also help you expand your portfolio. You can charge them on a per word basis or based on complete content.

There are various online groups where you can easily find customers who need some help with content for their product or service. Blogging gives you exposure to every category that is in the market. You can either write a sales copy or a generic blog article for your customers.

You have to do some guest blogging or free write-ups for your clients. Advertise your blogging and let your audience know more about your services. This will help you connect with more B2B and B2C clients in the same category.

  1. Generate Income via Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most popular ways to monetize using your blog. The more traffic you have on your blog, the better are the chances to earn via an affiliate sale.

Every company wants a sale and today, they don’t mind offering a certain commission to the affiliates that would help them sell more. Affiliate marketing is an easy way for companies to increase their total sales. The commission percent might vary from company to company.

The commission might range from 20% and to 50%. There might be a few companies offering as high as 70% commission per sale. You have to research to find companies that have a product or service being sold in the market allowing affiliation marketing as well.

Create your own affiliate link or add affiliate links as per the company affiliation policy to your blog. You can find various ways to introduce that product or service to your specific set of audience.

For example, if you are running a sports blog, you can easily market products such as health supplements, sports shoes, accessories, ebooks, etc. If a sports shoe costs $100 and the commission rate is 30%, you earn $30 per sale. This is a pretty great way to monetize.

  1. Get Paid Reviews and Sponsored Posts

For doing a paid review or getting a sponsored post from a company or a client, you need to have high traffic on your site with high credibility. These companies should know how much sales your single blog post would bring in to them.

Once you have that audience who trust your verdict, you can contact companies for a paid review or ask them for a sponsored post and become an influencer for your audience.

Influencer marketing is on a rise as one influencer with a great amount of audience can bring in a lot of sales for the company.

You can ask your client for a commission in exchange for a paid and honest review. Here, the review could be positive but it has to pass the correct information to your audience about the product. People are smart to identify if you are faking in a paid review. However, if you don’t want to post bad reviews about any product that might affect the relationship with your client, you can only talk about products that bring in more positive value and are loved by people.

While a sponsored post has to be according to your client’s way. They might want to get a backlink to their website or want you to enhance the feature of their product to your audience.

But you have to be very transparent and honest with your audience. Losing their trust for some money will not create higher credibility. Disclose in your post that it is a paid review or a sponsored ad or post. This will also help you to leverage the SEO factors as search engines won’t ban your website because of the disclosure.

  1. Offer Online Consultation Service

If you have been in your industry for quite a good time, you can offer consultancy for people who are beginners or who are stuck in their business and couldn’t generate more traffic. People would want to do paid consulting to see where they are going wrong and what’s making them spend more in their business with no active income.

Consulting service is on a high because people want to know the real insights and use cases from a successful marketer that would help them scale up their business. They do not have time to attend classes or spend hours watching marketing videos to scale up their business. But, if you have proved yourself in the last few years, you can surely become a consultant for many of them.

You can charge your clients on a per hour basis. Do a one-on-one Skype session with them. Listen to their problems, where they are lacking, discuss their spendings and income. Find the loopholes in their strategies and then provide them with your consultation. Like you have grown your business, help them grow too.

When people see results in their business after using your consultancy service, ask them for a testimonial and publish that on your blog. One successful consultancy will help you network with more people facing the same issue.

  1. Hold Paid Webinars

It is similar to offering paid consultancy. When you have your audience interested in seeing what growth hacks you used or what marketing strategies did you implement in your business that helped you grow and scale-up this high. You can do a paid webinar to involve those users and monetize simultaneously.

There are 2 types of paid webinars you can hold:

  1. The first is when you host a webinar on your blog and invite your audience for a fee. share the invite to your user list and mention the segments of your webinar along with the charges per head. Keep your webinar very focused and value-driven. Avoid unnecessary gossip and conversations leading to wastage of your users’ time and money.
  2. The second is when you are invited as a paid guest or influencer to other people’s webinars. This will help you reach their audience that you can redirect to your blog as well.

In both ways, you will be earning money by doing paid webinars. You can also make your webinar available to download with a fee for users who could not manage their time to participate in your live webinar.


Be active and keep promoting your blog full-time. Research a niche where there is less competition but high demand. Blogging for common industries might not help you earn much because there are other bloggers who have more traffic and knowledge.

Keep experimenting with your content and see what works out best for you and your income source.


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